Monday, 19 June 2017

Life So Far #1

It's one week away from Raya, how time flies! Ramadhan is going to end soon (which I'm kind of sad about) but InsyaAllah we'll meet Ramadhan again next year. And, and it's that time of the year again (or week to be more precise) where I'm baking for Raya orders.

I always surprise myself with how I can bake so much in a day while I'm fasting too. Then I head to bed and the next morning I wake up with 'Ahhh's and 'Uuuu's. Aching almost everywhere but I can't stop yet because I still have some more baking to do. But it's all paid off when I see the look on my customers' faces when they get their cakes :)

Just got done with three days of baking - few more days to go (weehoo!).

Also, Allan is going to be back next week! Excited! I've missed him dearly and can't wait to see him.

Oh right, let's not forget about the weddings. Pretty sure there are four weddings that I'm going to be attending. And they are all close family members! (You reckon I can squeeze some time in between for a quick massage session?)

Until next post, take care and have fun guys!


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