Friday, 9 December 2016

Perth, Australia

Last month I went to Perth to visit my boyfriend and (especially) his cat. I have never been to another country before. I've always been in Malaysia. So having a passport and to register for a visitor Visa were very new to me. Travelling alone to another country got me a bit scared too but I reminded myself as long as I follow instructions, be aware of the time and ask for help from officers at the airport if I need to, I should be fine.

I'm sorry if these pictures seem a bit foggy. The window was not that clean :(


Touchdown in Perth..

Matilda Bay

Perth Zoo

Kings Park

* Kings Park was huge. My boyfriend and I just did a lot of walking and talking instead of taking more photos :) *

Cottesloe Beach

Loch Street Station

Perth Station

Perth City

So there you go. Of course these weren't the only photos my boyfriend took. Yes, he helped taking photos for me while I enjoyed walking and seeing Perth. Love him to bits. Perth was wonderful. It reminded me a bit of Kuching (where I live) actually. Not so busy, calm and nice. But the weather was something different from what I've ever experienced before. It was pretty chilly and not as humid as Kuching. It was nice. Next trip, I'm hoping to go during winter and actually experience the cold. I'm going to freeze my ass off, haha!


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