Monday, 14 November 2016

Eternally Grateful

Last couple of days have been pretty tiring for me. I've been trying to get a lot of things done before I leave. I will be out of town for a bit, so yeah.

I am so grateful.

I know I'm blessed with so many things but after spending time and having my parents, sisters and brother close to me for these couple of days made me realize I have the best support I could ever ask for from anyone. The advice I get and experience I hear. Self-reminder of how one's attitude can lose another's respect - taking this as an example and not to follow his path. Not forgetting that uncontrollable laughter from the table of six. There's no stopping us.

My boyfriend too. We have our own stuff to deal with, work and what not. But he never neglects me. We check on each other from time to time and always remind how much we love one another. He's so loving and kind. I cannot imagine myself being with anybody besides him. And I can never repay the amount of endless support he has given me all these years. I once hit rock bottom, the lowest point of my life and he got me through it.

I would do anything, anything for my family and boyfriend. They are my life. Words can never describe what I have been through and how much it affected me. I am just so unbelievably lucky and thankful to have such supportive, happy, healthy and loving family and boyfriend.

Right, I'm going to end it here. Pretty exhausted at the moment from all these errands. Feeling sleepy earlier than usual (naturally) which is good. But last night I tried to stay awake just for another thirty minutes (doing night routine) and my lips started twitching. That wasn't a good sign.

Take care, everyone.


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