Thursday, 6 October 2016


Good day everybody..or should I say good evening since it's nighttime here. I hope everyone's doing well. Reminds me, my brother hasn't been feeling too good for the last couple of days. Fever and dehydrated, so all he has been doing is just resting at home and sleeping a lot because he's just that weak. But he's feeling much better now so no worries.

Initially, there was something specific I wanted to talk about in this post. Some life acceptance that I've decided on. And I come on here tonight, not really wanting to talk about that, yet. On the next post I hope.

Beautiful, aren't they? It was so nice waking up in the morning to get a phone call from a florist saying you have a delivery waiting for you on your doorstep. I got back into the house with a bouquet of flowers in my arm and read a sweet little note that came with it. Before I knew it, I was tearing..happy tears of course. My boyfriend is the sweetest. To be honest with you guys, I'm not really into these kind of things. You know, flowers, chocolates, balloons etc. To me it's generic. Yes, it is nice. But when you see it all the time, it doesn't feel that special anymore.

But these flowers got me. Because for one, my boyfriend is not the kind of person who would do something like this. And two, I've never gotten flowers from anybody before. There was once during diploma but that was just winning best dress, that's all. These flowers were actually personal and I loved them. I never knew how it felt to receive such lovely flowers (sounds so pathetic I know but so true). I called him and said I just received a beautiful bouquet of flowers on my doorstep. And he went "Surprise!". And it's the best kind of flowers because there wasn't any occasion at all.

My boyfriend and I are not 'big'. We like to keep things to ourselves. Even when we celebrate, we don't actually look like we're celebrating. It's still the same thing, going out and spending time together. Maybe nicer food or long outings but that's it. We don't gather people around and make a fuss about it. People probably think that we're not sociable but that's just how we are. It's not that we don't like being around people. It's just we'd rather keep it nice and simple. We just like to keep things private.

Oh did I mention the flowers smelled so good? They were fresh too. Made my whole week. Some of you may think it's not that special because you probably receive flowers all the time. But this one meant a lot to me. If you hadn't known already, my boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship. And we're hitting the big 3 soon. I'd say I can't believe it but it actually feels more than three years, I always tell him that. And I'm glad it does feel that way.

But em..yeah. That's really it actually. I guess this was like an appreciation post? As you would call it these days. I was just really happy when I got these flowers. Couldn't stop smiling the entire day. He's just the sweetest person I know. So lovely and kind. Part of receiving these flowers was pretty funny too actually. Just because I never thought he would ever send me flowers. *winky face*

Love you baby, very much..

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