Tuesday, 1 March 2016

ACNE - Irregular Bumps On The Skin

Welcome back, guys. Today I'm going to talk about bumps on the face. I don't want to call them pimples (well maybe they are), but bumps because they're just there and they are not as red as pimples and you can't squeeze them out! I was getting so sad about my face because these bumps were just so visible.

I don't really know what was the cause of it but something tells me it had to do with staying up late and having coffee and coke and ice-cream and more snacks..at late night. This happened and my face started showing the next couple of days.

Normal breakouts? That, I have experienced my friend. But not these bumps.

Can you see that? A candid picture taken by my boyfriend and yes, I have foundation on here. Also, this is in natural lighting so you can see everything. My face went on like this for weeks before I found something that helped reduce those bumps.

Well yeah, I still do have some redness and scarring from those bumps and other pimples. But hey, I got the bumps off of my face. Note that I have foundation on on both pictures. So yeah, what I really wanted to share with you guys was this baby girl here.

This product here really helped. Just a heads up, I am not sponsored or anything to talk about this product. I genuinely like this product, bought it myself and it actually worked on my bumps. This is the Clean & Clear Active Clear - speed clearing acne gel. What it says on the packaging;

- reduces appearance of acne from 4 hours
- salicylic acid formula works faster than cleansing alone

Before you go to the store and buy it, just know that I have oily to combination skin (more to oily side), I am Asian and I have quite sensitive skin. Not very, quite. So this product doesn't say whether it is suitable for all skin types or not but since it's not written there, I assume it is for all skin types. On a side note, it is by Johnson & Johnson so I think it's supposed to be mild on the skin since it is like the top product for baby shampoo, lotion, powder etc.

I didn't want to get this at first because I can be skeptical at times but my boyfriend pointed it out, said I should try it out. What sold me was that it's by Johnson & Johnson. So I wasn't so scared that it would make my face turn out worse or anything.

So I only used this on the bumps. I applied after I've washed my face and moisturized. I used it daily, 2 - 3 times a day. I think my skin was not used to it at first so it stung a bit (and I got a little scared) but after a few days, it got a lot better. It didn't sting so much and it definitely helped reduce the bumps. It's not going to happen overnight, that's for sure. Give it a week (or even less) and you'll see a difference.

I am not a skin expert but this really worked for me. I was so thankful when those bumps started fading away. Actually thought that I wasn't going to be able to get rid of them. Now I still use it, only when I have pimples.

So guys, I hope this helped. I know not all but most of us have skin issues. And it can get very frustrating because it's just there on your face. A friendly reminder - your face or your skin is not everything. What matters the most is what's in the inside. Cliché I know, but it's true. There are people who have good skin but they don't have the nicest thoughts. Anyway, don't want to get side-tracked. You should try this product out if you're on a hunt.

Much love!

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