Wednesday, 23 September 2015

I Love Getting My Period

"Lazy.. Why am I so lazy.."

So the past week has been a struggle for me. And in my case when I say struggle, I mean struggling to cope with everyday schedule/routine. Stuff like doing the laundry, folding clothes, clearing up the dining area, exercise etc. And there was only ONE REASON that I could think of that would be the cause of my utter laziness..


Uh..just by saying it makes me feel lazy already. You know when you get like super lazy, unreasonably tired, looking for chips to stuff yourself, feel super unmotivated, that's when you realize you're reaching 'the end'. Ah I make it sound so frustrating because it is to me! I really don't like getting off track especially with exercises and house chores. And us girls experience this every month so it really really bugs me. If you don't know me already, I'm a very neat and coordinated person. Seeing things like my sister's makeup brushes on the dining table can drive me crazy.

So last few days I came to a conclusion that my 'problem' has to be resolved. I don't like feeling frustrated and useless when I'm on my period because I barely do anything at all in the house. So I thought, instead of feeling useless and worrying about it every day of my period cycle life, I am just going to practice to go with it. Like actually not do anything when I don't feel like it, eat all the chips and chocolates when I feel like it, not folding the clothes when I don't feel like it and so on.

You know why? Because it is O-KAY to not do anything for a week or so and just relax. If you're like me, constantly pushing yourself to occupy your time wisely, do everything in order and in time, keeping everything polished and squeaky clean, then you my friend deserve a week of 'vacation' with possible occasional cramps every month! And you know how us girls are always like "Why..why do we have to have periods..stupid cramps..WHYYY..". I'm looking on the brighter side and this is why. Because a girl like me is always on her feet doing stuff around the house, getting a period is like a big break from everything.

I just realized that this post might not be so helpful for 85% of you because it's just something that I decided to have a different perspective towards to. I'm having my period so I'm going to eat all the chips I can find, not going to exercise and delaying the laundry because come on, it's just disgusting not to at all (at least for me, of course). I know I'll get back on track with my everyday routine at the end of my cycle so I'm not that worried. I always get super motivated when my period ends and just go crazy around the house!

Til next post guys!

Xoxo, Ayu

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