Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Kettler Yoga Mat

High and low I've been searching (and contemplating), and finally I got one!

Yesss! I've got a yoga mat! First ever yoga mat, if I may. All this while, I've been using my 'sejadah' (a praying mat for Muslims) as my exercise mat. I especially need it for when I do sit-ups, leg exercises etc. because these exercises require for me to lay on my back. Been surveying for yoga mats everywhere. And let me tell you, they're not cheap!

So this one I got here was the cheapest it could go. There was a cheaper one but it's more like a mattress, it's squishy and it's not made up of rubber, hmm.

I got mine at a Nike outlet so I guess it's legit, right? I didn't know any specific brands and this brand was the only one left. There were two of these left at the store - lucky me! Its brand is called Kettler. Paid RM 69.90 for this and I think the price is reasonable for the quality of the mat. This thing came with a net, which makes it really practical for me to carry it around if I plan to do my exercises elsewhere.

This yoga mat is 173 cm in length and 61 cm wide. Its thickness is 8 mm. Mine is in grey - wish they had other colours but they didn't. When I got home, I realized it matches the colour of my weights - cool. Anyway, I might have gotten tired of other bright colourful mats so no complains.

So far, they're pretty comfortable. Let's just see how long the lifespan of this mat is. If you want to check this mat out, you can click here - . This is the exact one that I got. You can also check Kettler's site itself, but I didn't find any mats there so yeah. Hope this was helpful for you guys out there who are on a hunt! (Beginners like me aha!)

Xoxo, Ayu


  1. Tahan naaa nyawa ktk Yu oh! I can last 10 secs only and I'm out for 3 days.

    1. First first susah juak kmk Lyn. Didn't know it was so difficult! But kmk salu plh and practice ;)

  2. Post more of things like this and you'll be my Guru :D

    1. That IS my plan! To post more about fitness ;) Let's be fit together, Lyn!