Sunday, 2 August 2015

Lunch By The Sea

Hey guys! Yup, here I am with another blog post and I know, I know I said I'd blog more often. Guys, I'm really trying *cries*. Anyways, yesterday we went to Kampung Buntal for lunch. And may I just say, that place was simply breathtaking.

This is the little cute restaurant where we had our lunch. It's called 'Restoran Selera Masam Manis'. And that's my brother Arman, by the way.

My parents

Hani, my sissy.

View of the beach from my seat in the restaurant

And of course, THE FOOD..

Okay I'm drooling now..

'Limo Mantak' as we would call it. This drink was EVERYTHING.

We don't usually go to new places to dine. But the 20-minute drive to this restaurant by the sea was nice. Hope to dine here again, soon!

Xoxo, Ayu

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