Monday, 3 August 2015

The Classic BROWNIES

Hello everyone! As you all know (if you read one of my previous posts), I bake cakes. To be exact, chocolate chip cream cheese cake and glazed brownies. I've shown you how the cheese cake looks like but not the brownies yet!

Yes, these are the glazed brownies. All cut in smaller pieces to be delivered. I do sell whole cakes too, which ever the customer desires. I am continuously baking these babies because I supply to Normah Medical Specialist Centre's cafeteria. After they are packed in these small containers, they will be ready to be sent to Normah.

The size of one whole cake is 9 x 9 (inches). And after cutting them, they are 3 x 3 each. If you don't know already, I'm based in Kuching Sarawak. They may look super sweet (like you are going to get diabetes) but they are not. I've received good reviews from my customers and the repeated comment is "It's JUST NICE,". They only look super sweet because of the shiny glaze on top of the cake and the rich chocolate I use to bake it.

So if any of you are interested in ordering these brownies or the cheese cake I've mentioned earlier, do e-mail me at or you can contact me directly at +6014-393 7173. Happy Monday, everybody!

Xoxo, Ayu

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