Monday, 10 August 2015

Beauty Haul!

The Sun is back and I am currently detoxing. I have been feeling quite dehydrated and my face is breaking out. It has been a while since my face had a break out. I can say that this time, my face is not at its best condition. Been going to Watsons (or a drugstore as you may call it) several times for the last couple of weeks. I didn't really have the chance to purchase my needs earlier because I was quite occupied during Ramadhan and Raya Aidilfitri.

So..without further ado, I thought I would share some of the purchases I did.

I didn't go over board! Picked up these things after several visits at the drugstores. So basically, I am only sharing it now after I have a decent amount of products to talk about. Let's start shall we?

1. OLAY Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System

This first because it's eye-catching, no? Honestly, I just got this last night after contemplating for so long. Its function is similar to the popular Clarisonic and Soniclear. They don't have these products here in stores in Kuching. Not to mention the price of these cleansers. Mind-blowing. But I'm sure they are good after watching endless amount of reviews, hence the price. But I'm just no good at purchasing things online without having a closer look and feel of them in my hands. So I got this one instead!

My sisters had it for a while - which gave me the chance to observe the outcome in my own eyes. Honestly, I could have waited a little while longer to purchase this but my face was just not having the time of its life. I could see my sisters' faces were getting better. Better as in looking smoother and cleaner. Of course, it took time.

So on the box it says;
  • deeply cleanses
  • gently exfoliates
  • primes skin for anti-ageing regimen
After I first washed my face last night using this brush, I did feel it cleared my face from dirt or makeup thoroughly and it did exfoliate dead or unwanted skin on my face after washed. Not mentioning its softness on your skin! So you can see on the box how the brush looks like. I like how it is all white - bonus points! It has two buttons. One is the power button and the other one is the speed control button. It only has a low and high speed. It also works with two batteries.

In the box, they will give you the cleansing tool, a brush head, a skin renewal cleanser, two batteries and the instructions. I am not going to use the skin renewal cleanser just because my skin is quite sensitive to cleansers. I have tried many of them and finally I found a cleanser, that I will talk about in this post pretty soon. I am sorry for this long talk on this cleanser but I just wanted to give you guys an overview of the product, in case you are interested in getting it in the near future. Also, I will update on how this product works on my face and see if there are any obvious results that I can share about.

Guardian : RM119.90

Moving on..

2. PALMER'S Cocoa Butter Formula Lip Balm Sunscreen Stick

Honestly, I have never tried this particular lip balm before. I once got a Vaseline and it was good. I didn't really like the feel of it after applying on my lips but it healed my dry lips effectively. And I'm not talking about those dry lips people always suffer from - I actually had to go and see a doctor because my lips were too dry and they felt too rough for lips-skin. I even thought I had an allergy or something. But turned out it was this lip balm I was using. It looked so nice on my lips. Gives you this natural lip colour depending on the warmth of your lips. But some chemical in that lip product was obviously too harsh for my lips.

Anyway, back to Vaseline..(seriously I need to try to tone down when I explain things)

The weather got too hot and humid here in Kuching at the time and my Vaseline was always in my handbag. It melted. I mean I bought the liquid-gel like form but when it melted, its consistency was too watery to be kept any longer. So I stopped using it and purchased this one instead. My lips started feeling dry again since the past week, so yeah. My boyfriend actually recommended this one to me because he tried it before and said it was good. So I'm going to give it a go.

Watsons : RM9.44

3. ESSENCE Mattifying Compact Powder

Easy to say, I'm running out of my compact powder so I got a new one. Went for this particular one because it was cheap and as you can see the colour is very subtle, which I love. I have mine in "02 Soft Beige".

Watsons : RM17.90

4. ESSENCE Silky Touch Blush

Oh my God, can I just say how gorgeous this colour is. Mine is in "80 Autumn Peach". Even the name is gorgeous! Reason I purchased this - of course I had to run out of blush to use (when I ran out of compact powder too). I just thought this colour was so beautiful and yes, it's cheap!

Watsons : RM15.80

5. THE BODY SHOP Vitamin E Face Mist

There was a time when almost everyone that I'm subscribed to in Youtube raved about this product. It's not a drugstore product since it is actually quite pricey and there are no drugs sold at The Body Shop, so yeah. After I'm done doing my makeup, I spray this mist on my face. And let me tell you, it smells good and refreshing! It smells of rosewater like it says on the bottle. Really like the refreshing look it gives after you spray it on top of your makeup.

The Body Shop : RM38.05

6. SAFI BALQIS White Trilogy Facial Cleanser

This is the cleanser that I was talking about. I don't really know the difference of it from other cleansers but this one is gentle on my skin. It never irritates and it smells good. And I think it's because it has kiwi formulation that makes it usable for me. I alternate. When I finish the one with kiwi, I'll get cucumber next - just to change the mood and routine you know?

Watsons : RM9.40

7. WATSONS Velvety Soft Pocket Tissues

Everybody needs tissue, right? A girl has to have at least one in her purse. But to be frank, I don't buy pocket tissues or face tissues etc. Usually, I would just tear some of the tissue roll we have at home and fold and keep them neatly in my handbag. I feel like there is no use of spending more money on getting facial tissues when I can just use regular tissues from home. But..but, I got these because they were super super cheap. I mean REALLY CHEAP. In this one big pack you see in the photo, there are 12 pocket tissues. 12! So of course I had to get two of these - you know..just in case.

Watsons : RM1.90 per big pack

8. JOHNSON'S BABY Messy Times Wipes

I could've gotten other wipes but come one, these smell like babies! I always, always repurchase this when I'm out of them. They're handy, moist and they smell good. No complaints. I got them in a pack actually. There are three in each pack and for the price, it is very affordable.

Watsons : RM9.10 per big pack

9. DOVE Nutritive Solutions Volume Nourishment Conditioner

This conditioner is so so good. Before that, let me tell you - I have very long and thick hair. VERY THICK. I don't actually use a conditioner because it can be a bit pricey with the volume of the product it comes with. But my hair had gotten longer and with the humidity in Kuching, I just couldn't handle it anymore. It was tangling and dry - not attractive. So I got this. My hair doesn't tangle as much anymore, very seldom. And it brought some moisture to the ends of my hair. I can't say my hair is completely smooth and moist because I do have quite oily roots and very dry ends. But this conditioner did help bring some moisture back to my hair. Not a lot (can't blame because my ends are just really dry), but it helped.

Watsons : RM13.50

10. L'OREAL PARIS Studio Line Fix & Shine 24H Fixing Spray

So I bought a curling iron not long ago and I didn't have any setting spray to set hair curls. I know there are a lot of good hairsprays out there but they can get really pricey. So I just reached this one out because I felt like the price was okay with the size of the bottle - and I have a hair serum by Loreal too at home and it's good, so why not. Basically, after I finish curling my hair I would just spray this generously around my hair. Oh, and my hair shines so beautifully after. Love it!

Watsons : RM21.15

I hope this was informative for all of you - maybe you're on a look out on new products to try. Til next post guys!

Xoxo, Ayu

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