Friday, 17 July 2015

A Feast At Borneo Convention Centre Kuching

Last two weeks, we went to the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching for Iftar (break fasting during Ramadhan). It was superb! It was just my family along with my Aunt Siti, Nek Mama and Hakim. If I'm not mistaken, it was RM70+ per person, which was considered okay for a buffet with VARIOUS FOOD SELECTION mhmmm. They basically had everything from the usual Malaysian side dishes to salads to seafood to Italian to fruits to cakes to ice-cream! I'm sure I'm missing out a couple more things cause there were so many. I didn't get the chance to snap pictures of the food but here are some photos of us after we chowed down.
My sisters Hani (left) and Seri (right)

My Nek Mama (grandmother) and Aunt Siti (mom's sister)

My sisters and aunt with my parents

Aunt Siti and I

My brother Arman (left) and cousin Hakim (right)

My parents

Aunt Siti and my mom

Nek Mama with all her grandchildren

Mom and I
It was a lovely, lovely evening. The buffet finished at 10PM so we stayed until then haha. Would totally recommend this place for those of you who wish to dine here in the future. I'm sure they'll make another Ramadhan Buffet next least I hope so!

Xoxo, Ayu

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